List of Acronyms

Acronym Agencies, Organizations, and Trade Associations  
ACA Agricultural Credit Associations  
ACCU Association of Corporate Credit Unions  
ADHS Arizona Department of Health Services  
AESA Association of Educational Service Agencies  
ASI American Share Insurance  
CCHA Cooperative Home Care Associates  
CCMA Consumer Cooperative Management Association  
CCPPNS California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools  
CDF Cooperative Development Foundation  
CDSS California Department of Social Services  
CFC National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation  
CUNA Credit Union National Association  
DCD North Carolina Division of Child Development  
DFPS Texas Department of Family and Protective Services  
DHS Michigan Department of Human Services
DHSS Alaska Department of Health and Social Services  
EBSA Employee Benefits Security Administration  
EPA Environmental Protection Agency  
FAC Farm Credit System Financial Assistance Corporation  
FCA Farm Credit Administration  
FCC Farm Credit Council  
FCC Federal Communications Commission  
FCSIC Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation  
FHLBS Federal Home Loan Bank System  
FHSC Federated Human Service Co-op  
FLCA Federal Land Credit Associations  
GDCNC The Greater Detroit Cooperative Nursery Council  
HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration  
ICA International Co-operative Alliance  
ICPC Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives  
NACHC National Association of Community Health Centers  
NAFCU National Association of Federal Credit Unions  
NASCUS National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors  
NBCH National Business Coalition of Health  
NCB National Cooperative Bank
NCBA National Cooperative Business Association  
NCCUSL National Conference of Commissioners for Uniform State Law  
NCHN National Cooperative of Health Networks Association  
NCSC National Cooperative Services Corporation  
NCUA National Credit Union Administration  
NCUSIF National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund  
NLAHCC National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions  
NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association  
NRTC National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative  
NTCA National Telecommunications Cooperative Association  
PCPI Parent Cooperative Preschools International  
PHI Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute  
REDLG Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant  
RFA Renewable Fuels Association  
RTB Rural Telephone Bank  
RUS Rural Utilities Service
TDI Texas Department of Insurance  
TLPA Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association  
USDA United States Department of Agriculture  
USFWC US Federation of Worker Cooperatives  
WEP Water and Environmental Program  
WSTB Water Science and Technology Board  
DHS Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services